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By Mr.Sun

If you are looking for Centrifugal Air Compressors in Argentina

1.Ingersoll Rand Argentina

Address: Av. Almte. Brown 1100, C1159 CABA, Argentina
Plus: 9J8R+77 Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Lubricated Rotary Air Compressors
  • PET Compressed Air Solutions
  • Compressed Air Filters and Dryers
  • Compressed air dryer
  • Compressed air filter

Centrifugal Air Compressors Argentina


Ingersoll Rand is a global market leader with a broad range of innovative and mission-critical air, fluid, energy, specialty vehicle and medical technologies, providing services and solutions to increase industrial productivity and efficiency. Since merging with Gardner Denver in early 2020, we have more than 300 years of combined experience and innovative expertise.


2.Atlas Copco Argentina

Address:Estados Unidos 5335, B1667JHQ Malvinas Argentinas, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus: G8X2+CQ Malvinas Argentinas, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Find out more about Atlas Copco

Our industrial ideas foster the growth of our clients and and the evolution of society. We are pioneers and we promote technology. Additionally, industries around the world trust our passionate people and their expertise.

We have a long tradition of doing business in a sustainable way. This means we do everything in our power to create lasting value while protecting people, profitability and the planet. We provide safe, reliable, and energy-efficient solutions to customers in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

Collaboration accelerates innovation

We like to be close to our clients. By analyzing your needs, together we can continually set new industry standards. We take advantage of the opportunities that digitization offers to offer connected and automated solutions that help customers optimize their performance.

Our service solutions offer peace of mind and allow customers to maximize uptime while meeting environmental requirements.

Learn more about our facts and figures, our sustainable approach, milestones in our history, and our brands in the following sections.

3 .Kaeser Compressors Argentina SRL

Address: Calle Haendel lote 33 Parque Industrial, 1619 Garin, Argentina
Plus:H79H+6P Garín, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


  • Piston compressors
  • Blowers
  • Controller
  • Compressed air treatment and condensate technique

Centrifugal Air Compressors Germany

Your partner for compressed air solutions

Kaeser Kompressoren has been offering its customers compressed air systems since 1919 and currently has around 7,000 employees. We consider ourselves partners of our customers and develop customized, efficient and reliable compressed air solutions. With our philosophy “More compressed air for less energy” , we have positioned ourselves as the world’s leading company in our sector.



4 .Kaeser Compresores de Argentina – Sucursal Tucumán

Address:Av. Pres. Néstor Kirchner 3168, T4000 San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina
Phone: +543814361211
Plus: 5Q72+RJ San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina
Centrifugal Air Compressors Argentina
Our customers are at the center of everything we do and around whom everything revolves. If we help them to be successful, so will our company. Business relationships are carried out by people. Respect and honesty are the basis for a good relationship with our customers. Reliability and durability are characteristics of each of us that our customers can expect from us.

And our suppliers, whom we have carefully chosen, make the success and quality of our products possible. Your support in our projects shows us that we are on the right track


5 .Kaeser Compresores de Argentina – Sucursal Córdoba

Address: De los Alemanes 3200, X5000 Córdoba, Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina
Plus:MQ4P+RW Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina

Centrifugal Air Compressors Argentina

6.Ingersoll Rand Argentina

Address: Goncalves Días 1145, C1276 ACQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus: 8JVF+Q6 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Centrifugal Air Compressors Argentina

Conectar sueños con realidades

Nuevo Website de Sullair CulturaQueremos contribuir a la construcción de un mundo mejor. Utilizando el espacio público o compartiendo el privado para promover iniciativas creativas y encuentros culturales. Abriendo el diálogo entre la filosofía de trabajo de Sullair Argentina y la cultura.

7 .Ingersoll Rand Argentina

Address:Av. Almte. Brown 1100, C1159 CABA, Argentina
Plus: 9J8R+77 Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Industry
  • Fuel gas systems (FGS)
  • Gas injection technology
  • Screw compressors
Centrifugal Air Compressors Argentina


8 .Asturcom

Address: Buenos Aires AR, Av. Hipolito Yrigoyen 1774, B1869 BUN, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus: 8JC8+RP Gerli, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Air compressors
  • Air Dryers
  • Air filters
  • Electric motors
  • Electric pumps



ESAIRE SA forms a leading company in the sector of the manufacture, distribution and sales of high technology and quality standard air compressors, which has managed to impose itself on the market in a very short time, as a result of the set of techniques applied to its products and of the qualified professional service exercised by its members.

It was created opportunely as an importer and marketer of first brand foreign compressors, fundamentally of European origin. In the last two years, as a result of the pesification of our currency and the high costs of imported products, ESAIRE SA has launched its own line of products, combining a correct equation: mostly imported raw material and national labor force.

Currently the strong commercial and productive increase positions ESAIRE SA in a company in full expansion.

Its product lines are aimed at creating innovative and technologically advanced models, designed for all sectors of the industrial market. They are handcrafted in cast iron and aluminum with top quality materials and high durability.

Seeking the satisfaction of the growing demands in our market, the constant concern for technological innovation, the creation of products of excellent quality and competitive strength, are the objectives of ESAIRE SA for its product line: ASTURCOM.

9.Compresores Dmd

Address: CVJ, Gdor. Oliden 2768, B1824 Lanús, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plus: 8H5G+RV Lanús, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


  • Industry
  • Fuel gas systems (FGS)
  • Gas injection technology
  • Screw compresser


Increase the productivity of our industrial customers by improving their energy costs and achieving the highest efficiency in their compressed air systems.

The organizational structure complies with the premises that base our reason for being, and is made up of the areas of:
  • Commercial technical advice and pre-sale service.
  • Manufacture of variable power screw compressors and   efficient systems for the generation, treatment and distribution of compressed air.
  • Post-sale technical service with their respective   divisions of preventive maintenance, technical assistance and repairs in plant, which are   supported by our department. engineering and development.

10.Electrodiesel Argentina SRL

Address:Perdriel 761, C1280AEO CABA, Argentina
Plus: 9J47+X6 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Centrifugal Air Compressors Argentina


ELECTRODIESEL ARGENTINA SRL is a company dedicated to the import and distribution of electrical parts for automobiles, trucks, buses, agricultural and road machines. Represents various international brands in Argentina, distributing them throughout the country through its team and sales network. It has two warehouses in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that exceed 1,000m² where it stores a wide variety of items, exceeding 10,000 products. The continuous support it receives from its numerous clients, suppliers and collaborators leads it to permanently incorporate new features to continue providing cutting-edge and first-quality products according to market needs.
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